Masters Newest Memeber

Jaren Wilkey is this year’s receipeint of the Master of the Profession Award. He received this award at the 54th Annual UPAA Symposium held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Master of the Profession award recognizes those who have been a member of the organization for 10 years, have demonstrated consistent production of high quality photography, and shown dedicated service to the organization. All of these criteria are evident in Jaren’s work, and in first year of eligibility the board voted unanimously to bestow this award on him. 

Jaren is the University Photography Manager at Brigham Yong University in Provo, UT. During his tenure Jaren has won numerous awards including the Photographer of the Year in 2011. He has also contributed the UPAA journal and lead numerous seminars for UPAA and other national organizations.

Jaren joins a select group of University photographers from around the country. Past members include:

Jim Dusen
Mark Philbrick
Steve Mangione
Gary Harwood
Phil Szczepanski

Nancy Evelyn
George Tarbay

Ken Bennett
Jeff Miller

Martin Vloet
Alan Magone-Roshak

Jaren Wilkey

(Photo by Jay Ferchaud, left to right, Glenn Carpenter, president UPAA and Jaren Wilkey)

Masters Newest Memeber