DE LOS ANGELES: PUMMEL HORSE by Eric Bronson, University of Michigan

Becoming a UPAA Sponsor

Sponsoring the UPAA Symposium is the best way to meet and promote your product or service. The UPAA is made up of members from across North America, Israel, Grenada, and Australia. As a group these talented photographers make decisions on over 3,000,000 dollars annually. Getting your ideas and merchandise in their hands is key to your success.

Sponsorship of the symposium can take many different shapes:

  1. Monetary donation
  2. Product or service donation
  3. Sponsorship (in part or in full) of the keynote speaker
  4. Refreshments

All of these options can be tailored to meet you needs. Our goal is provide opportunity for our members to test the newest products and ask questions about those innovations

To get more information about becoming a sponsor of UPAA or the symposium, contact Caroline Summers, the corporate relations chair, for additional opportunities and questions.

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